Day 10: What you’d say to your favorite celebrity

What a thought-provoking topic! Just way too early on the morning.. it’s barely striking 7 o’clock and half of one eye is still shut. I think I’ll put this blog on pause until lunch time. But first I will narrow it down to a particular list of “celebs” whom I have admired in my lifetime:

  1. Hilary Duff
  2. Gloria Steinem
  3. Maya Angelou 
  4. Hilary Clinton
  5. Barbara Boxer
  6. Steven Hawking
  7. Neil Degrasse-Tyson
  8. Selena Quintanilla (RIP)
  9. Bob Marley (RIP)
  10. Albert Einstein (RIP)

I’ve given the most some thought and how I admire these people each in a unique way. If I had to pick one celebrity to say something to, that would be Gloria Steinem.

If I had the opportunity (of a lifetime!) to speak to Gloria, I would let her know how she has lit a flame in my heart that insists that I keep my ears and eyes open to causes needed great support. Especially, still, women’s reproductive health and gender equality. I would ask her for advice on how to be more fearless and be more powerful with the things that I write and say. I would even ask her if we could go in her closet and discuss some of the outfit choices during particular moments in the public – like an angel they seem to carry her messages farther. I’d like to ask her if she knew from a young age that she would be such a great influence and advocate for women around the world. I would ask her for her best advice for women and girls today who feel disconnected in some way from their surroundings or cultural norms. 

Gloria Steinem has been such an amazing light in my life, and I imagine she has tougher thousands of women through her work – whether they may know it or not, she has fought on behalf of women for decades. Thank you Gloria. 

If you would like to read some of her work and understand her legacy better, I highly recommend her latest book: My Life on the Road, available here.



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