Day 11: Where you’d like to be in life 20 years from now

This is not a topic that excites me but only because I’m quite happy in the present! It is a little difficult to picture what might matter in life beyond a few months or years because I imagine that I’ll be a completely changed person. World politics are running amok and home ownership is unquestionably difficult but there is A LOT that I’m grateful for in my life such as my newfound activism, community, work that is challenging and worthwhile, and plenty of freedom and adventure. 

Twenty years from now, what do I want that picture to look like? I’m really not certain in a material manner, but I know how I want to feel! I want to feel  empowered and in good shape financially! I want to be traveled and continue exploring the world and all that it has to offer. I would love to have a masters degree or have continued down a path of education, even if that’s not by a formal institution. I want to be someone that others can count on or have ways to supprt my family and friends. I would love to be connected to my community and be accountable to my peers. I hope I have a comfortable place to call home or someone who makes me feel at home. I may be a mother but I will appreciate being around children. I hope that my health is still good and that I’ve not stopped dancing. I hope my parents and family are still united. Where I will be is somewhere, content and humble with what my life has become. 



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