Day 12: A short story 

This is a random account of an unexplained incident at DFW international airport in Dallas. 

In fall 2015, upon returning home from Costa Rica, my boyfriend and I had a few hour layover at DFW. We ate, walked around, thought we saw Jerry Rice, drank booze, sat in uncomfortable chairs, you know, common airport behavior. Our boarding time was approaching so we begin walking toward the gate and then begin walking even faster after they called our names for final boarding — oops, too much exploring. So we’re hustling down the corridor and had to stop for a second to let a truck that was carting people pass by. The only reason that is mentioned is because immediately afterward we continued to walk and talk and then… WHAT I SAID CAME OVER THE LOUD SPEAKERS! The main airport intercom system that is! J and I looked at one another in disbelief and started cracking up. How the hell did my voice get picked up?! Super sketchy folks! 

What does this mean? Does the airport have the ability to listen in on people’s conversations and do so at random? Did I get profiled? Did they find us because our flight was calling for us and then by mistake used the mics too? So many questions. Nonetheless it was a weird unexplained event. 

That’s all folks. I never said I was a good story teller. Haha 



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