Day 2: Best memory of this year so far

I cannot believe it is the beginning of June. 2017 has been a whirlwind year already and so much has changed. The political state of the world, the president, the passionate activism in the nation and abroad and already, many lessons learned. 

The best memory of the year so far? The Women’s March which followed the presidential inauguration in January. It was the first time I’ve participated in a march and I have never felt such strength in numbers, despite the distress we were all feeling. The times are uncertain and that showing of unity and community changed me forever. I am new to the Bay Area and that day I felt the wave of liberal and democratic optimism wash over us all, and despite our vast differences, there was room for everyone to take part.  The posters and signs people made were such a powerful way to capture and share the wide range of issues that we could find common ground on. This day will be forever marked for women and men and the brave in this country. It is our time to express and perseve our non-denominational American values. 



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