Currently: I’m sitting in a car in the middle of the city on a gorgeous day, the sun proudly beating down hard on my skin. While waiting for J to run a quick errand I’m making damn sure I don’t all behind on this journaling project. 

Day 3: The happiest you’ve ever felt

This one comes to me quickly. At this time last year I was on the tail end of a month long vacation in Europe: Italy, France, Greece and Turkey. It was THE most exciting time I’ve ever had in my life. It was also the happiest. 
I was in the middle of this amazing trip, returning to my new home in a San Francisco suburb and new freedom all around. I was hopeful to find a job and was emailing my former company about work.. but really didn’t mind if it took a month or two to get back into the “real world.” It was such a great time for letting go of the past and enjoying the present, not knowing what the future would hold. 

Now, a year later I can say it has been an amazing journey in this new home. It has not been easy, but I’m so happy to have taken the leap into unfamiliar territory. I also look forward to traveling to Peru this November – you never return quite the same. 



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