Day 4: When you’ve never cried harder

Wow, this topic threw me off. I am 100% a cryer – happy/sad/glad/mad — you can catch – me – cryin’! Haha! While I am totally accepting of the need to cry, I haven’t always been fond of those tears.. But, like anyone else whose been through some sh*t may agree, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!! 

I don’t think I’ve cried harder than the times I’ve been worried about losing my grandparents too soon. My tata (dad’s dad) has had two types of cancer, various related surgeries and treatments, and dealt with a lot of physical pain. Through it all, he has been so humble and strong. He is really my hero. I’m blessed with three sets of grandparents (nana y tata, nana & papa, grandma & grandpa) —  each holds a special place in my heart forever. 

I’ve also had very happy tears, especially witnessing the birth of my brother Jack when I was just nine years old. It is such a special memory I shared with my family and was a time when I was overcome with such powerful human emotion. What an amazing experience — thanks mom! 

Tears can be really powerful releases for us during times of difficulty or fear, or sometimes just because it makes us feel human to be emotional and vulnerable. Each time, I think we gain clarity and can move forward. 



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