Day 5: Your biggest regret

Regret is not always easy for us to admit, but there are some events that I look back on and wish could have unfolded differently. For one, I wish that I would had saved more money in my early 20’s and traveled more! 

Saving money has never been something I’m good at, but I now know after taking a few big vacations that putting away a little money at a time is easier than you think! The ticket is usually the most expensive item and from there most other things fall into place. I’m working on budgeting my money better but still have a lot of restraint to learn. So, a work in progress. *ps.. unsubscribing to marketing emails that clutter your inbox helps to quell the need for retail therapy*

If there is one thing for sure about these savings:spending regrets, they’re mostly backed by the fact that those potential trips or experiences in my early 20’s never happened. However, all is not lost. There were some fun times and plenty of memories to show for them. 

In my last couple years of my 20’s, I’m trying to make better financial decisions and balance the work/play/travel life as much as I can! Travel is unforgettable and far from regrettable!



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