Day 6: Most proud accomplishments

Writing this at o’dark thirty in the morning, this topic gives me anxiety and my brain hardly seems to understand the question. I know I am hard on myself but I feel frustration that a list isn’t formulating in my mind. I pause and reflect and find a place to start.

I know where to start. Inwards. Accomplishments are not always tangible things we can measure or see. In fact, I would say that I hardly have any very obvious accomplishments. I’ve made it to 27, that’s pretty big.. *ha! Okay, jokes aside, I do think one of my biggest accomplishment is profoundly immeasurable. Letting go of the past. Allowing room for the future. In particular, analyzing and letting go of relationships that have not realized happiness or growth. The ones that no longer or do not bring joy and those which felt one- sided in some way or another. Having hope and optimism in relationships can be good as is seeing the light in everything but there is a sense of balance to be struck. When your heart feels strain from a relationship there is an opportunity to seek healing. We often have a choice to keep people in our lives and keeping close those who matter most in your life can make a big difference.

I’ve had many friends come and go and many moments I couldn’t understand why I felt “alone.” Sometimes that is a gentle push from the world saying it’s okay to seek something else, you are not alone, you are in need. I have worked to listen to those inner messages and when I feel ignored or alone, I often realize it’s stemming from within. Others bring joy, but only you can decide if a relationship is serving you. Letting go makes room for something new. New energy and stepping outside of our comfort zone. Let go. Then, let something new in.



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