Day 7: Whatever comes to your mind — don’t stop for 10 minutes

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was check my phone. While that may not be a great habit, I really enjoy checking New York Times for the latest news and mentally preparing for any work that may be waiting for me in the office. I work in real estate, specifically office property management and I find it helpful to walk in knowing what may lie ahead. i.e. there was a power outage or a tree fell overnight. Haha, I imagine that sounds pretty boring but my job keeps me on my toes – no two days are the same. Especially when you work with hundreds of people in a complex, you see and hear some things.. always a learning opportunity!

Today I read the newest blog post from Barefoot Blonde about her move from Hawaii to Arizona and felt inspired, as I often do after reading her blogs. Amber has a way of being effortlessly honest and keeps a very real profile with her readers which I really admire. I would like my writing and to come across as natural and give be able to share a real sense of my personality. I think that skill will come with time and that it’s better to keep writing than not. I have been looking forward to this daily blog and hope the experience will help me to keep active and grow my readership and ability to connect. 

It’s a Tuesday and work has been busy. So to keep organized I have been heavily relying on a list and making sure to take time for myself too. In fact, over the weekend J treated me to an amazing dinner at Seacliff which overlooks the Pacific Ocean on the western side of San Francisco. It reminded me of La Jolla in San Diego and was very romantic. I’m lucky to have him in my life and especially someone who knows how to treat a lady! We’re also looking for apartments near the beach now,  while it will be cold, it seems we could pick up an extra bedroom AND be near the water (win-win!)! Very excited to see where we end up in San Francisco and the many places we will make memories at in Northern California. If you’ve ever looked for an apartment, you know this process can be a little daunting but we’re staying positive! 

On June 4th my older sister had her first baby, I am now an aunt to Audrey Grace and couldn’t be more proud! She’s a gorgeous babe and has Mexican, Japanese, and mixture of our American/”white” heritage! It’s such a thrill to be an aunt and I can’t wait to meet her (she’s down in San Diego). I am already thinking of the ways to spoil her, and of course make sure she’s well rounded and loved always!

Hope you have a great day. Thanks for reading.



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