Day 8: A letter to yourself five years from now

I’m a couple months shy of my 28th birthday and have been reflecting on the past when I thought 28 would be my “married by” age. Then 30 would be my “kids by” age.. I think many of us have set similar marks for ourselves, oft with society at the wheel. Now those ultimatums don’t exist for me and I’m 100% happy that things will happen more naturally. I realize as women that we have our “biological clock” ticking but I also think that we can get caught up in the stages of comparing ourselves to others and the milestones we’ve achieved (or not). For example, I know for a fact that I’ve witnessed a cute, young mom from time to time with a lovely wedding ring, adorable babes, maybe a house, and wondered if I’m behind in the “adult” life in some way or wonder what has she done in her life to achieve so much? And other days I simply smile and think “that’s really sweet, good for her.” *shine theory* Comparing happens naturally at times but when it seemed to be happening more and more I gave myself time to think and privately process it. 

For one, I don’t need to be married to be happy in my relation. Two, I don’t have the money saved up for the wedding I’d hope for. Three, I am a student and school comes before those next steps. Four, I’m young and waiting for children will help me to better prepare for their future. Five, homes are very expensive in California, I’m not alone! So as a note to myself in five years…

I hope you have made yourself proud. You know that there have been good times and bad but through every moment you have tried to persevere. You have not forgotten who you are or where you come from,  you have a family who loves and believe in you unconditionally. There is nothing that can stop you from seeking the best things in life. Stay vigilant, seek out good and helping others, keep shining light on injustice. Keep walking tall and carrying yourself with dignity. Realize that your darkest moments have been lessons as well and you are still good enough. Be strong and courageous as you continue on your journey. Do not let anyone take away your happiness, they cannot anyhow as you know. You are still bright and curious and are always learning to be more grateful. Continue to take opportunities and lead a life full of grace. Love yourself and give love to your loved ones. There is still so much more to come. Stay present. 



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