Day 9: Favorite childhood memory

Sadly, I think I have terrible memory, but there are several unforgettable childhood memories that I carry very close to my heart. My favorite memory however, would have to be traveling throughout Mexico City and visiting many of the the surrounding areas with my grandparents and sister when I was around 8-9 years old. My sister and I were able to make this trip twice over two different summer vacations and both visits were extremely special and inspiring. I am certain that those once in a lifetime experiences helped shape who I am today. Mexico City is a large bustling city, chock full of ancient and modern history. I remember the excitement of my first plane ride and newness of being away from my parents for a long period of time. Since the first trip into the interior of Mexico, my grandparents sense of adventure wes passed on. It grew my awareness and appreciation for people and cultures living all over the world. I also learned just how diverse of place Mexico is and is also home to many different native Indian peoples. 

Some of my favorite parts and funny memories of these summer trips were:

  1. Haggling for goods with the merchants and vendors in el zocalo 
  2. The talented jugglers, clowns, “bubble-butt” dancers and entertainers at the stoplights 
  3. Chapultepec park – its huge!
  4. The best mangos.. on a stick!
  5. Walking up the pyramid of the sun
  6. Watching Disney on Ice in Spanish 
  7. Going to Acapulco: gorgeous pebble beach and amazing cliff diving entertainment 
  8. Outside the city: Hiking up Nevada de Toluca, a volcano and admiring the gorgeous crater lake inside 
  9. Sour cream “crema” is put on most dishes at restaurants — grandma always had to remember to say “sin crema por favor”
  10. Weekend trips: fresh grilled fish caught in the ocean and cooked within minutes
  11. Holding our big puzzles to keep them from falling off the table during intermittent afternoon earthquakes 
  12. Enjoying the many places to walk around in the city square 
  13. Being sick and being treated so well by grandma – I also watched the entire original Star Wars series 
  14. The amazing apartments my grandparents had – indoor pool and elevator entry — and so many good times! 

Mexico City is unique and vibrant and has been increasingly rated as a top destination! I would love to return again and am so grateful for my grandparents getting us to such wonderful experiences! 



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